Mindset Mastery™ Guided PLUS


The Mindset Mastery program trains your mind to think in alignment with the Universal Laws of Thought. (Click here for complete course description.) It does not just tell you how to think to achieve success, it facilitates that change. And when you purchase Mindset Mastery™ Guided PLUS,  you’ll get personal assistance from an expert guide for a whole year!

~ Leslie Householder

Announcing! Mindset Mastery Guided PLUS

Now more effective than ever!

With the growing reach of the Rare Faith message, we’ve finally found a solution for helping us reach more people, teach more effectively, and miraculously, increase the personal attention “feel”. (The solution to every problem is only an idea away, right?)

The Guided Mindset Mastery class has proven—hands down—to be THE BEST way to experience Mindset Mastery, since the success rate among those who experience the Guided version has outshone any other format I’ve provided since 2008.

So, unless you prefer to study alone and at your own pace, we’re finding most people seem to do better when they have group support and regular access to a real-live expert who can answer questions and keep them on track at a regular pace.

That’s why…

Our best version is now: 

Mindset Mastery Guided PLUS

I’ve pulled together the BEST components into one home-run version of the program, so that those who are ready and serious about learning and experiencing success with the Rare Faith Principles can have everything they need to do just that. What we’ve gathered here are all the tools and resources that have proven to work the best:

Introducing the Group-paced, expert-led Mindset Mastery Guided PLUS program:

This new top-level “Guided PLUS” version of Mindset Mastery is now a full 1-year experience.

When you register, you’ll get:

  • Guided Mindset Mastery – 3-month group-paced, expert-led course to completion (reg $1597)
  • Extended Access – additional 9 months self-paced access for unlimited up-leveling (reg $431.55)
  • Goal Review Service – Expert attention on your goals at the midterm (reg $199)
  • Training Portability – All 96 lesson audios downloadable for learning on the go (reg $169)
  • Weekly Forum – a full 12-months weekly video conferencing support for ongoing Q/A (reg $924)
  • Weekly Forum Archives – immediate access to Q/A videos while you wait for your session to begin
  • 24/7 Community Support – lifetime membership in our private Facebook group
  • Activating Unseen Help – self-paced bonus course with access that won’t expire (reg $1997)

Total value: $5317.55

Your price: only $2,497

Click here to check today’s sale price on Guided PLUS

Limited to 12 participants.

Serious students will also receive:

An opportunity to become an official Rare Faith Programs Facilitator, and enjoy a brand new income stream. You must graduate with honors from the Mindset Mastery Program to be considered for Facilitator Training. To graduate, you must earn 280 points, and accomplish a short term goal ranked seven or above, which we will help you choose and set.

To graduate with honors, you must accomplish a goal ranked nine or above, and earn 300 points. Additionally, as we review your application, we will be considering whether you 1) experienced success with an inconsequential goal, 2) applied the same principles to experience success with something difficult, meaningful, or important, and 3) tested the principles on goals for which the outcome was beyond your natural control.

And it’s not a race, so whether it takes three months or three years or three decades, it doesn’t matter. You get all those points just for doing the exercises thoughtfully. If you do, achieving the goal becomes a natural byproduct.

Learning to operate with thoughtful, focused effort is probably one of the most important habits I hope to help you establish. That is why it is more important that you do the exercises thoughtfully than quickly.

The sky is the limit

The Universe is abundant, and God is ready to supply you with all you need for your complete mental, physical, and spiritual unfolding.

“The experience was, of course, amazing, humbling, inspiring, and I think at times unbelievable…Is anyone else feeling uncomfortable, aside from elation of course, with their new success? Last night I started to panic that we were actually getting what we wanted… I do get relief from the home study course where Leslie states this is normal… Don’t get me wrong. I feel so grateful and ready, just an unexpected nervousness as well. 🙂  Amanda J.”

I will help you gain a heightened AWARENESS, which will empower you to overcome any obstacle, effect any change, and achieve any goal you desire. In fact,

Purchase any version today and you’ll also receive:

Bonus Lesson – When to Let Go of a Goal (Value: $47)
A final lesson added to the MINDSET MASTERY Program ten years after it was first released. I’ll share some of my most powerful wisdom from my personal experiences that transpired after I created this program.

√ Is it ever okay to give up on a dream?
√ Could it ever be the right thing to do, to set a goal and do nothing about it?
√ When could it possibly be okay, to intentionally NOT solve a problem?

Lifelong Support (Value: $79/year)
Continual education delivered via email through the Rare Faith Newsletter until you’ve accomplished your goal

√ Keep your head in the game with fresh, inspiring ideas
√ Find out about others who are on the same path as you
√ Discover counter-intuitive tips and tricks for handling life’s challenges

Bottom line, you won’t be left alone on this journey. The only way you’ll lose my support is if you decide you don’t need it anymore.

Let Me Help You Gain Financial PEACE of MIND!

I assure you that what you’ll learn in this program is not taught this way anywhere else. And what we and others have done to prosper is completely duplicatable, because it is based on fundamental, universal principles upon which ALL things on this planet are governed, including YOU!

So, if you’re serious about turning financial pressures into peace of mind, and if you want expert guidance every step of the way, then let’s do this. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 community support in our private online group. Best of all, you will have a full 12-months to first go through our 3-month guided course, and then repeat the process at your own pace afterward as often as you want for up-leveling your success with each newly accomplished goal.

So, because you want to get in on our next Guided class (seating is limited to 12), all you need to do now is select the Guided PLUS version below:

“See” you on the inside!

Leslie Householder

P.S. Remember, this Mindset Mastery™ Program isn’t a cost, but an investment in your future, and will pay for itself many times over if you do just as it prescribes. Knowledge is really the only thing that can’t be taken from you, so click here to get started now.

“After e-mailing Leslie about this …I still was on the fence because of the cost! …I just worried that I may be excited about this, get it and then lose interest which seems to be a pattern for me. I also worried that with my full life, I could not devote the time, hence wasting money came into my thoughts.

“I kept being drawn to the home study course, though. It was tormenting me! I wrote a friend and asked her for advice. She wrote a very firm but loving e-mail back to me. She asked me if I was going to let [the money] stand in the way of me learning these principles . . . ! Was I willing to shrug my shoulders and say, “You know I’m just not worth [that much money], my education just isn’t worth that.” The e-mail made me sit up and think. I have spent much more than that on my college education and other pursuits, why was I letting such a small amount in comparison be an issue. As soon as I released my anxiety on [the money], amazing things happened….

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited to study in my life. The format is amazing, easy to maneuver and inspiring. It is so comprehensive, that it can be used by anyone. I look forward to my quiet nights when my kids are asleep, my husband at work, and me and my [Mindset Mastery™] home study course can spend some time together. It has helped me keep my head in the game about all these wonderful things I am learning. It keeps them perpetually in my life. I am so, so grateful for it!” Jonelle