Course Objectives

Mindset Mastery™ Course Objectives:

To gain practice and confidence in applying that “rare kind of faith” that causes things to happen.

This is accomplished in two phases:

Phase 1 – You will use the principles to experience success with an INCONSEQUENTIAL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control.

Phase 2 – You will use the principles to experience success with a MEANINGFUL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control, by:

  1. Identifying a long-term, life’s purpose goal.
  2. Identifying a shorter-term goal that is difficult, meaningful, or important.
  3. Identifying and accomplishing bite-sized piece of the shorter-term goal, which is beyond your natural control, to which you apply the principles, with success.

Through this proven process, you experience the pattern for yourself, and gain a skill you can repeat again and again for making steady progress to the achievement of all your goals, throughout your life.

To Graduate, you must earn 280 out of 303 points, and accomplish a short term goal ranked seven or above. To Graduate with Honors, you must earn 300 out of 303 points, and accomplish a goal ranked nine or above.

Additionally, as we review your graduation application, we will be considering the answers to the following questions:

  1. Did the student experience success with an “inconsequential” goal?
  2. Did the student apply the same principles to experience bite-sized success with something difficult, meaningful, or important?
  3. Did the student select goals on which to test the principles, and in which the outcome was beyond his or her natural control?

(This is what the optional Goal Review Service is for – to help you select and fine tune a bite-sized piece of the shorter term goal, for which you can qualify for graduation at your desired level. This service is included with the Premium Mindset Mastery™ Program. If you did not enroll in the Premium version but would like to purchase this goal review service separately, click here.)

Remember: You may return to old assignments and improve your score at any time. It’s never too late to graduate, and it’s never too late to graduate with Honors!

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