For self-paced MM students

Options for Continuing:

  • Purchase the special edition hard copy of the Mindset Mastery Program, so that it can become a permanent addition to your success library. Having a physical copy allows your whole family to study from it, for generations to come. Price for new enrollments: $597, or deeply discounted for existing students. 
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  • Extend with a 6-month membership for just $97 so you can finish whatever Mindset Mastery coursework you may be in the middle of, AND enjoy the additional advanced training promised to those who graduate.
    Click here to extend for 6 months.
  • Extend month-to-month for just $47.95/mo.
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  • Participate in the Weekly Forum for continued support, whether or not you decide to renew your school membership. Because you have been a Mindset Mastery student, you will now always be eligible for Weekly Forum participation.
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The month-to-month option does not cancel automatically when you graduate, because some students don’t want to lose access that immediately. Just send me an email when you want it to end and we’ll shut it down for you.

If you are a Guided PLUS student, you have a full year to complete the Guided class lessons. If you still need more time after that, you may extend your studies at the rates listed above, but you will be moved to a self-paced version of the course where you can start the process over fresh with new goals. (This is because your account in the guided course needs to be wiped clean and given to a new student in our next Guided class.)