Finally! A budget-friendly alternative!

Hi! Leslie Householder here.

When funds are tight, and you don’t want to miss out on the life-changing Mindset Mastery™ Program, here you will find a budget-friendly alternative for participating now. This transformational program was previously known as the Family Time & Money Freedom (or FTMF Program), the experience that hundreds of students have been talking about since 2006.

How is the online version different?

The online version has all the same information and training as the regular version, but you don’t get my personalized assistance at the mid-term. However, some people have used the principles they learned in the program to obtain the funds they needed to upgrade later.

I recommend you get the physical version if you can for these additional reasons:

  1. The personal assistance you receive at the mid-term in the physical version can be a real confidence booster during Phase 2
  2. The lessons in the physical version can be referenced freely in any order, but the online version only allows you to access the lessons in sequence.
  3. The audios in the physical version are downloadable, but the online version only streams from your lesson page.
  4. With the physical version, the materials become a permanent part of your success library: a reference for you, your family, and generations to come. With the online version, when your access expires, you can no longer reference the information.
  5. The physical version has no expiration – you can take it totally at your own pace. The online version expires when your access period ends.

However, if the physical version is simply not an option right now, let the online version teach you how to succeed now, and you can always upgrade to the physical version later to get ALL of the rest of the perks, if you so desire. (Many of our students do.)

Click here to learn more about the difference between the two formats.

What the online version looks like:

In contrast, click here to view the Physical Version program components.

Is the online version effective?

The online version is like being enrolled in an online college course, with 24 modules addressing specific principles and concepts. Once you have enrolled, you return to the site whenever you want to make progress on your course work. The information is broken down into laser-focused lessons complete with workbook assignments, assessment tests where applicable, homework exercises, and a system for tracking your progress.

“I can’t even describe what an amazing miracle this course has been in my life. Everything has changed and I am a completely different person from when I started this journey…

“In a nutshell…I went from a happy, but blah, letting-life-take-me-where-it-will-and-be-happy-with-it person, to a vigorous and excited, let-me-partner-with-God-in-creating-miracles person.

“My husband is overwhelmingly excited to see this change in me and seriously awesome things are happening. I never would have imagined 8 months ago when I was sitting in my dingy apartment that I would be in a house on an amazing adventure with so many exciting dreams and achievable goals! God is great.

“PLEASE TAKE THIS COURSE, it will literally change your life. I tell everyone that I can about it. Thank you Leslie and Trevan!”  – Katie Vrajich

Are you ready to get started? I’m ready to help you! Life can be better – you can enjoy greater freedom!  I’ll show you how.

“Is anyone else feeling uncomfortable, aside from elation of course, with their new success? Last night I started to panic that we were actually getting what we wanted… I do get relief from the home study course where Leslie states this is normal… I feel so grateful and ready, just an unexpected nervousness as well…” – Amanda

How to Enroll:

Click the blue link below corresponding to the option of your choice:

Option #1 – Online Version 6-month plan: $197

The Mindset Mastery Program is designed to take 3 months, but you are given 6 full months access for a low one-time-payment. At the end of 6 months, your access will not automatically renew, but you will be given the option to continue for another 6 months for an additional charge ($97) if you are not finished inside the time allotted.

Option #2 – Physical Version: $847.95 

If you choose this option, you get immediate access to the downloadable lessons on audio, and your course materials (including your personalized Goal Review Service Certificate and the other bonuses only included with the physical version) will be shipped to your address. Payment plan available.