Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to join the online Mindset Mastery Program?

The physical version of the program is $847.95. The online version is only $197 for 6-months. This gives you access to the Mindset Mastery Program, the private forum, and two additional bonus courses: Your Ideal Life Vision, and the Body Language Show.

Will there be live interaction with Leslie Householder?

Enrolled students will be given membership to her private Facebook group, where she connects with members regularly and responds to questions. Also, you may post your questions and comments in the forum, or contact support if you need technical assistance.

If I enroll and then change my mind, can I get a refund?

Your payment gives you access to the materials, which is something that cannot be “returned” for a refund. If you prefer to go through the Mindset Mastery Program with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, choose the physical version of the Mindset Mastery Program so you can examine the materials completely and return them within 30 days for a FULL refund if you are not satisfied.

If my access expires, can I come back later to finish what I started?

If your 6-month access expires before you complete the course and you want to come back later, the system will require that you start over. If you renew your access for an additional fee ($97) before it expires, your coursework will not be deleted and you will get another 6 months in the program. 

Can my spouse and I share an account and go through the program together?

You can certainly discuss what you are learning with your spouse as you go (with one caution, as we’ll explain below), but the assignments, assessments, tests, and certifications are individualized and yours alone. If your spouse wants to experience the same kind of personal transformation, he or she needs to have an account of his or her own, because the tests, assignments, and coursework are individualized and the online assessments, accountability checklist, and credit toward graduation only works for one user.

You may be tempted to go through it together with your spouse to collaborate on shared ideas, but we can pretty much guarantee it will handicap you at about week 7 or 8. Think of it like a scientific experiment: it’s important to keep the ‘controls’ pure and eliminate all the extra variables. When two people do it together, there is always one of the pair who is just a little less engaged that day, and over time it makes a difference in your confidence in your ability to succeed doing the tasks that will be required.

If you and your spouse still decide to study the material together, do each section independently before talking about it with each other. And, when you do talk about the concepts together, it is recommended that you only discuss generic concepts and not specifics about your personal objectives.

The program works depending on HOW YOU THINK. The effects come as a result of your individual thinking habits, and when two people do it together, it’s too easy to rely on (or feel suspect about) the other person’s thinking. Only you know your own thoughts, and so you must be accountable for them without the external influence (actual, suspected or perceived influence) of the other person’s thought-input.

I don’t study well online. How can I get a physical copy of the Mindset Mastery Program?

The physical version is described, pictured, and may be purchased HERE.

What is the difference between the online version, and the physical version of the Mindset Mastery Program?

The online version is accessible anywhere in the world that you have internet access. If you want to do your lessons away from home, you do not need to bring a pile of materials with you. It is linear and keeps you on one solid track from start to finish. Your workbook and journal entries are stored digitally and the course content remains accessible when you are logged in.

The physical version allows you to jump around within the manual (although we do not recommend it), and it is portable (the audio downloads can be played on a portable mp3 audio player for accelerated learning on the go). None of the course materials in the online version are downloadable, except for the workbook.

The physical version includes a $199 Goal Review certificate, which allows you to work directly with Leslie on your goal statement at the midterm (while the online version takes you through a self-directed module to accomplish the same task instead).

The physical version can be a permanent addition to your success library, referenceable by your children and grandchildren for generations to come, while the online version is only accessible while your personal enrollment is active.

Click HERE to see the list of Mindset Mastery components that you give up by choosing to participate in the online version instead.

How long does it take to complete the Mindset Mastery Program?

The class was designed to be completed in 12 weeks, with two lessons per week. However, we’ve found that many students take longer. Some students take extra time to digest the materials and make sure they understand them completely before moving on, sometimes up to a year or more. Remember, the course is not just a list of bullet points that we transfer to you and expect you to regurgitate on a test. This program requires that you apply yourself and accomplish certain tasks before moving on to the next lesson. It may sound difficult, but the rewards are extraordinary, and we’ll help you do it all, one simple step at a time.

On occasion, we’ve seen highly motivated students enroll with a hope to breeze through the Mindset Mastery Program in less than 12 weeks. We won’t say that it is impossible, but it is a rare thing to see it completed effectively in shorter than that.

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